iPad Pro vs Alienware Alpha?

I’m currently running zwift on iPad Air 1. If I were to upgrade to the iPad Pro 2017 or the forthcoming iPhone x, would the graphics and rendering be any better or would I only get improved graphics from a gaming PC like Alienware alpha ?
Thanks. By the way the experience on my iPad is great.

The graphics would be higher resolution, less choppy, and the battery would probably last 4-5x longer on an iPad Pro.   It also will support some future graphics enhancements we may do on iOS whereas the Air 1 is our minimum spec device which will probably never see significant visual enhancement.

It won’t be night and day difference, but if you’re on the fence for other reasons to upgrade then it might be worth it.

Thanks. Would the Alienware alpha PC or iPhone x be similar to the iPad Pro too ?

Hi Jay,

The Alienware Alpha PC will be superior to any iOS version. Especially the latest revision of the Alpha (R2).