Ipad pro 10.5 or 12.9

(John McCracken (GB-SCT) (WBR D)) #1

Can anyone with experience of both confirm if it makes any real difference to the zwift experience. My primary reason to purchase 1 is to make zwift more playable than my 2008 15" mac book pro.


(John McCracken (GB-SCT) (WBR D)) #2

And how do you get ant+ working ?

(Josie (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hi John,

If you want to use ANT+ with an iPad Pro, you would need to get an ANT+ bridge. We have 2 options you could use listed here.

(John McCracken (GB-SCT) (WBR D)) #4

Hi Josie

The link mentions that Resistance control for smart trainers isn’t supported over ANT+ on iOS. What does this mean in practice for a customer. I must say the options, pros and cons are unclear to me. Can you make it really clear what I need to make a new ipad pro work with my kickr snap and any limitations.

(John McCracken (GB-SCT) (WBR D)) #5

So am I right in thinking the ipad pro will connect to the kickr using Bluetooth. The Bluetooth will control the rest resistance and supports FEC so as I can calibrate within zwift. If I want to use my ant+ hrm and cadence then I need a bluetooth to Ant+ bridge such as the CABLE device ?

All correct ?

(Jason K) #6

An iPad would connect to a KICKR over BLE and handle the power and resistance. BLE is not ANT+ FE-C - these are two different wireless protocols.

If you want to use ANT+ devices (your HRM and cadence), you would need one of those bridges.

I hope this helps!

(John McCracken (GB-SCT) (WBR D)) #7

What disadvantage is there if I can only connect with BLE to the kickr and ant+ fec is not available ?

(John McCracken (GB-SCT) (WBR D)) #8

I read elsewhere that ant+ fec was the preferred mode of connecting and was planned to be supported in the future (future proof).

(Jason K) #9

BLE is only useful if your sensors connect via BLE - as you’ve found, some sensors (Garmin) don’t, so that’s a limitation. I can’t comment on ANT+ FE-C being future proof, but we have no plans to discontinue support for any protocols at this time.

@John: I’ve created an email ticket for you from this thread. Keep an eye on your inbox for updates if you have other questions.

(John McCracken (GB-SCT) (WBR D)) #10

Can you have a look here :


I still don’t understand what limitations there are if I can’t connect to the kickr with ant+ fec . Can you confirm please.


(John McCracken (GB-SCT) (WBR D)) #11

Can I use the lightening to USB adaptor to plug in my existing ant+ dongle ?
Alternatively will Wahoo-made ANT+ key and an Apple-made 30-Pin to lightening adaptor do the job ?

(SteveK @Cycleoptic ICC) #12

I use an 4iiii HMM with my iPad Pro  which can bridge my Garmin Ant + devices to bluetooth

(John McCracken (GB-SCT) (WBR D)) #13

Hi SteveK,

Are you using a smart trainer ? If so are you able to do a spindown in the game or do you need to disconnect the trainer from zwift and use your app ?


(SteveK @Cycleoptic ICC) #14

I haven’t found any where to do a spin down with the KURT kinetic tick and roll controlled trainer from within zwift

(Andrew Ralph) #15

Nobody answered the original question. User experience iPad pro 10.5 vs 12.9 in?