Ipad Pro 1 second drop outs


Equipment Kickr Core, Tickr, Ipad Pro 2020

Ive been having a sporadic problem where Zwift will reduce down to zero watts, my rider slows and comes to a halt. This lasts circa 1-2 seconds, Ive experienced it on races, workouts and free rides. The resistance applied to the Kickr however does not feel like it is impacted

The Ipad and the Core are in pretty close proximity (meter and half for example)

When I used a Surface to connect I never experianced a drop out which makes me lean towards the Ipad having a problem

Anyone experianced anything like this or any fixes ?

Thanks in advanced its really frustrating (obviously deal breaking in a race!)


Try turning off bluetooth on other nearby devices, like your smartphone, wireless speakers, smart switches/lamps etc…
This will reduce interference and perhaps improve connectivity to your iPad.