iPad not showing cadence

I have just started using my new Elite Directo X on Zwift. I have a Garmin dual ant/ Bluetooth hr monitor. I am running Zwift on my iPad. My issue is I can’t see my cadence , just my power and heart rate.

Any thoughts?


Looks like that trainer outputs cadence data. So in the pairing screen (you may need to pedal) click search for cadence and what should happen is there should be something that you can select.

Thanks, Zwift seemed to automatically link to the turbo trainer as a “controllable “ smart trainer - I didn’t need to do anything. It has been working fine in terms of adjusting the load when I hit hills. But on the Zwift screen the cadence icon is appearing as a light grey color.

You need to go to the pairing screen and click on cadence and pair it there as well. You can do this in game during a ride through the menu or at the start before choosing a world.

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Thank you - every day’s a school day