Ipad missing the distance in meters to the rider behind

I know this topic has been raised several times, however, the issue still has not been resolved from Zwift.

I use my iPad screened to my TV for Zwift as it is more reliable than my PC and Ant stick.

I race for a team in Tuesday’s ZRL and also do the WTRL Thursday’s TTT. Doing the TTT’s without the meters showing to the rider behind can cause issues. When I make a pull at the front, I have no idea that I have gapped the rider behind. The only way for me to know is looking at the ride hand side panel that displays the rider’s information. If I see 1 second to the rider behind, I know I have caused a gap. Other than that, it will be one of my teammates shouting ‘GAP’ - Small gaps like this could cause my team seconds in our overall time.

Please Zwift, can you sort this issue out? I believe the meters to the rider behind are displayed in all other platforms/devices (PC, Macbook, Android and iPhone). Why is this not available on the iPad?

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

I have the same question and have yet to see an answer. Somewhere it was said they were told it was a screen issue but seems like more than that

I have the same issue. Really miss this feature when doing TTTs, particularly the Thursday night WTRL. It would be great if this could be fixed

Yes, using camera 1 on PC gives rider behind distance.

I miss this on the IPad.

Also, using camera 6 (backward camera, opposite of camera 1) would have been great to also display rider before distance. Would help a lot running team time trials.

I also have the same issue, has it been resolved?

apple tv missing minute/ second/ days number on PB list on leaderboards.

I put in a report to Zwift with screenshots and all, just as they asked and no return correspondence. I’m giving them till Monday and I’m contacting a agent through chat again.

I have the same issue on my iPad mini 6.

It’s a feature, unfortunately.

I am also experiencing this issue now on an Android S8 tablet - I can see the rider behind distance just fine on my android phone, but the android tablet (should be the same software right??) does not show it. I sent an inquiry into Zwift about it, not holding my breath though :frowning:

Same here, Jonathan!