IPAD IOS does not show riders behind and distance along foot of the screen

I now connect to Zwift through an iPad as it is much faster to login than a pc.
When riding in a bunch the PC shows riders behind and their distance along the foot of the screen but this feature is missing on the iPad.
I do TTTs and really miss this useful feature on the iPad.
Can it be resolved in the next update?

This has been noted several times in the past but Zwift seem reluctant to admit it is missing let alone fix it, it seems to be a deliberate choice rather than a bug, why I cannot guess.

When I first reported this issue, I was told it was probably my internet connection!

As far as I can see this functionality is present in all other versions of Zwift (PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, Apple TV) just not on iPad for some reason

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Yes, just hoping that might get some attention if enough people report the issue. Thanks