iPad Air wont charge whilst Zwifting

(Graham Collier CCC) #1


I am using an iPad Air with Zwift and have found that If I plug my iPad mains in whilst running Zwift the charge icon appears but the battery still discharges.

Is this normal?

I am going to have to remember to charge my iPad before I use Zwift for now, it will also limit me from doing any long workouts.



(Jon Mayfield) #2

Zwift will use a lot of power, as you’ve discovered, however it can be minimized.

  1. Make sure you’re using a nice cable.  The official Apple cables work every time, while many of the knock-offs we have at ZwiftHQ barely charge our devices (and often just end up in the trash).

  2. Use an iPad charger, not an iPhone charger.  iPad chargers are larger and put out more power.

  3. Turn screen brightness down a tad.

Many iPads will stay at 100% charge the entire time you Zwift when plugged in, especially if you follow the guidance above.  

(Graham Collier CCC) #3

Thanks for the reply, I will drop the brightness a bit and try a few different charges.

(Andrew Kluge) #4

Zwift could also be using more power than the mains is providing.  Therefore the battery on the iPad is discharging but at a much slower rate than if it was not plugged in at all.

(Graham Collier CCC) #5

Problem solved, I reduced the brightness down from 100% to 50% and used the original charger, and now it charges whilst running Zwift. cheers :slight_smile: