IOS Workouts

Ability to free ride before a work out or adjust workout length on the ios platform / app 


Does anyone know of a work around for this, it would be a great feature as I struggle with the lack of warm up time available before the work out begins

Ideally being able to free ride & select the workout from the on screen menu would be a great feature to add 

This is a feature today on Mac or PC, you can free ride and then press “E” on the keyboard and get into workout mode anytime your ready or feel warmed up.  

As a user that has made the switch from PC/Mac to iOS and soon to tvOS I would love to see this feature added to maintain feature set across platforms. I couldn’t agree more, sometimes I want to ride and then get into a workout. I can do it now, but it involves warming up and then quitting my warm up and restarting a new session for a workout. 

It would great to see this in Zwift soon! What do you say Mr. MAYFIELD?


As one who has also recently made the switch from a PC to IOS, I too miss the ability to free ride and then select a workout or do anything of the things that I used to be able to do by going back to the workout screen. 

So I cast another vote for the feature on IOS.