IOS version and ANT+

(pierre poulin) #1

hi im currently using my ipad pro with the ant+ dongle with the cycleops virtual training app and it works just fine with all my garmin gear(vector, hr, odo) and a fluid trainer. I was wondering if the newly ios version of zwift also works with the ant+dongle? 


(Jon Mayfield) #2

MY ORIGINAL COMMENT BELOW, which is now out of date:

It does not support the ANT+ dongle via 30pin adapter.   The setup seems a bit clunky and I think it is in use less and less each day, so we didn’t delay our iOS release any longer and shipped without support for it.

One option is to get an ANT+ to Bluetooth translator, such as this heart rate strap:   It will pick up your Vector and rebroadcast it as a bluetooth power meter.

A second option, as of yet untested by Zwift, is the NPE Cable which does the exact same thing. DC RainMaker talks about using Zwift with it here:


Finally, if there is significant demand, we may consider putting forth the effort of writing a whole new ANT+ stack to support the Wahoo ANT+ key.  We would need a better understanding of just how many people own both the 30pin adapter and ANT+ dongle, and are willing to have 5cm of plastic sticking out of their iPhone or iPad.

(pierre poulin) #3

Anyway its my old setup that i have for quite sometime now… i guess the new translator dongle will be more popular than the wahoo ant+ plus the lightning adapter. 

I might upgrade my trainer for a kickr next year so ill join back in the mean time ill stick with cycleops 


thx for the quick update 



(Michael Kaminsky) #4

i’m sorry if I missed this but is there an additional fee for current members to use iOS?

(Tim Shears) #5

Yes, ANT+ please. Some say it is old, but I have 3 heart rate straps and two wattbikes. All ANT+ so I REALLY need to be able to feed that data in. 

This is the only thing stopping me really using Zwift. I have never wanted to put a computer if front of me when training so have been waiting for the ios version so I can run Zwift on my ipad pro. 

(. Nuno) #6

Without the ant+ dongle how do you change resistance on smart trainers that can’t be controlled via BLE?

Which trainers do you support for BLE control? I am currently borrowing a Bkool Smart Pro as my Tacx Bushido Smart has been returned on a warranty issue


thanks in advance

(j oey) #7

Please support the wahoo ant key dongle. I’ve been using this setup for years. Even have the 30 pin to lightening adapter. Honestly having that much “plastic” stick out is a non issue since I’m stationary, like not on an open road. 

The key works great for those of use that have ant+ only devices like Quarq power meters (they only pushed BT with their new DZero)

I use the ant key with imobileintervals (iOS App Store)as well as Wahoo own app when It’s not feesable to being my laptop with me to use Zwift. 

Demand is there, pleas consider the support. If a small 1 man business like imobileinterval can write the ANT+ stack what does that say about Zwift?

(Neil Strenge (PSOF)) #8

much better IMHO to go down the CABLE route… less vulnerable to damage, being accidently knocked out etc, plus gives you options to use Ant+ as  BLE on any device, not just an iPad…

(Tim Shears) #9

Shame Cable isnt sold in the UK

(Neil Strenge (PSOF)) #10

it ships to the uk for a few dollars… just ordered one!

(Tim Shears) #11

VAT? Import duty? Handling charge from the local shipper? Been stung like that before. 

(Neil Strenge (PSOF)) #12

maybe… we’ll cross those bridges when we get to them…

(A. Daye) #13

Thats disappointing. Went out and bought a lightning to 30 pin converter today so I could start using zwift straight away with the wahoo ant+

Support for it would be good 

(Tim Shears) #14

Easiest thing is to buy the 4iii heart rate monitor as it will take ANT signals from another device and transmit BT to Zwift. 

(A. Daye) #15

Yeah, think that’s what I will do. Checked their website and is £63 in the U.K. Will do as an early xmas present 

(Berthold Stadler) #16


Please support the Wahoo Ant+ Dongle ! I use it for CVT and it works perfekt with

the lightning cable. I an not amused to by an other expensive Cable Adapter …


(Dave Rollins) #17

Please add Wahoo ANT+ heart support. I use the dongle along with my bike’s Bluetooth speed and cadence sensor with the Cyclemeter app on a daily basis for my trainor workouts. I do not see purchasing Zwift without having this important metric.

If low end apps have no problem with this type of support, I do not understand why a sophisticated app such as Zwift lacks this important capability.

Please add support!!

Thank you


please support wahoo key !!!

I just bought lightning to 30 pin adapter…


please! I waited this time for 3 month… !

(Paul O'Neill) #19

Yes please to wahoo key.

(L EETHOL 🐝) #20

 Hi. Was delighted that the iOS app had finally arrived so able to use it on iOS to wahoo kickr howether with no ANT+ connectivity I’m unable to view HR and cadence. Will cost £68 to get BT gear. Maybe I’ll need to purchase, can use both BT ant ANT+ on TrainerRoad and Sufferfest so is a shame. Won’t be switching until decided on a solution, Santa ??