Ios users unable to Zwift after update

hi is there any lead time on a solution to this as i have a sweep who asked for a refund until the problem is solved, he was told to go to iTunes who in turn cancelled his account, and said he will have to pay the subscription fee to Zwift again, How will he know you have fixed the issue?, in the meantime i have lost a main sweeps as well as a few of my leads have had issues since the last update, i also have members who cannot Zwift or have multiple dropouts
Can’t the update just be rolled back as it’s affecting so many people?

Are you talking about the Apple TV HD (tvOS) issues or iPhone/iPad (iOS/iPadOS)? Details needed.

yes apple tv hd users he has tried all the fixes people mentioned

Sounds like a fix is on the way. It should have been rolled back right away, but given the lag in App Store publishing, it’s probably too late for that now.

Pausing and cancelling subscriptions works best when paying Zwift directly. If/when your sweep resubscribes, I suggest not paying through iTunes.