iOS - Store Workouts in iCloud Drive

I think it would be of benefit to store the workouts on iCloud Drive for iOS devices.

This would allow the following:

  • Workouts are synced across iOS devices (for example if I use my iPad and iPhone, dependant on where I am. Maybe even AppleTV?)

  • Easier upload of workouts (iCloud Drive is available on both Windows and Mac, which makes it quick and easy to copy new workouts to the iCloud Drive folder, which then automatically appear on the iOS device. Right now, you need to use iTunes, with file transfers etc. Very messy. Also a pain with multiple devices)

  • Directly from the browser on your iOS device, you could save workout files from the internet and save them directly into iCloud Drive, which means that they will be available in Zwift without any extra effort. 

  • Acts as a sort of backup for if anything ever happens to your device / app (app crash, device crash, device stolen, etc) 

  • Worksouts can be easily shared from iCloud Drive with friends / other users. 

Make sure you also vote up the existing requests for this so Zwift knows what the users want.