IOS Mobile app

(Thomas Niccum) #1

Downloaded and installed perfectly on iPad mini and iPhone 6p… more feedback as I test in action this week…

(Carl Grzegorzek) #2

Installed with no issues on iPhone 6. The app works very well in conjunction with the PC although it is fractionally laggy. All of the rider gestures seem to work well.

(Fred Wininger) #3

Where is the ap…can’t find it when I search zwift in the app store.

(Harvey Keefe) #4

Hi Fred,
You won’t find the Zwift App listed in the App Store, you’ll need the email invite as it uses TestFlight in iOS 8.

(Peter Lin) #5

I hope I get invited for the iOS app. I tried zwift for the first time yesterday and liked it. Instead of hating the trainer and dreading every single minute, the time flew by.

(Richard Mandeville) #6

When you say “you’ll need the email invite”, do you mean the email that invited us to Zwift Beta in general or a separate email specific to the App? Thanks,

(Harvey Keefe) #7

Richard, there was a second separate email invite just for the App.

(Neil Chladek) #8

How can we get added to the mobile app beta? is this selective on top of the main beta or can anybody on the beta get invited to the mobile app beta?

Looking forward to do a good ride on this tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

(Neil Mendum) #9

Hi I just got access to Beta however won’t be able to use this much without the ipad app, can I request this please?

(Ben Butler) #10

I love the new iOS app but would really like the ability to see upcoming events in the app.  I may be missing it but I can’t seem to find them listed anywhere.