iOS Graphics profiles

Just a general question. The iPhone 15 pro and none pro are really easy now to connect to external monitors but the graphics quality seemed really low but an extremely high frame rate. Made me wonder, do all iPhones get the same graphic profile or does the game look at the hardware identifiers and select it?

Seems like it would be cool to a “good better best” slider given we have a graphics and audio menu already and there is massive gpu distsnce from the oldest still supported ( iPhone Xb) through those with 15 pros.

Bit of a rant, but it just sent me thinking on it.

Yes, all iPhones and iPads get the same profile.

I did a quick search online and the IPHONE 15 PRO is as powerfull as a M1…it should be able to run ZWIFT with a better graphics then just the BASIC profile…on the other hand, with a small screen, there is not much to see…but it would be nice to have better graphics when connected to a TV…Come on ZWIFT…have you seen those AAA games running on the new iphones ???