iOS Companion app drops connection repeatedly

Hi, restarted Zwift after a few months off. With Zwift (on PC) and companion app (on iPhone). Both latest versions. No issues with internet, wifi or Bluetooth. When starting, map loads on app but then disappears after 30-60 seconds. Then map reloads and then disappears repeatedly for the rest of the ride every minute or so.

Anyone else having this issue?

Zwift itself runs absolutely fine, it’s just the companion app which is misbehaving.

Are you using Smart Wifi? Where it’ll choose the best wifi/4/5g signal for connection strength.

If that’s the case it would explain the issues you are experiencing - it has to remain on the same connection as the game.

No I’m not. The phone remains on the same wifi network as the computer throughout.

It’s likely that the phone is dropping wifi periodically.

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No evidence on my phone that it is doing so.

Might be this - Zwift Companion app on iOS16 won't connect

There typically isn’t any evidence of this behaviour. Try the phone with mobile data disabled as a test. If the CA stays connected in game mode, you likely need to disable smart network switching as James advised. On iOS this feature is called Wi-Fi Assist.

Alternatively, is your home wireless network a mesh system?

Not using mesh

Wifi assist is not an option that I can find in the mobile data settings. This is an iPhone 12 running 16.0.2 in the U.K.

Will try it with mobile data switched off and see if that makes any difference.

My issue is not that it won’t connect, rather than it connects then disconnects, then reconnects.

It’s the same reason. Your phone momentarily hops to mobile and it’s enough to prevent the Zwift client from seeing the CA so it disconnects and this happens repeatedly.

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I’ll try switching off wifi assist next time.

I’m sure this ‘feature’ could be removed by the app developers if they tried.

The CA functionality relies on the game and app seeing one another at all times, otherwise the live data and device bridging etc wouldn’t be quick/accurate enough. Any sort of breakdown in communication and it fails, as you’ve seen with the map etc disappearing.

Thanks all. Switching off wifi assist for the duration of the ride fixed the problem.

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