iOS companion App causing "screen freeze(s)"?

(Steve Paltzer) #1

I did my ride tonight with a new laptop, and I logged into the companion App part way through the ride. While climbing up the hill, my laptop screen “froze” about eight different times. I powered off the iPad and did not see anymore lockups. I will try to duplicate the results next time I ride.

(Frode Vullum [V]) #2

Had almost the same experience. My wattage value froze on the ios app. I changed to the page 2 and back again. All was then OK again.

(Steve Paltzer) #3

I should have been more specific. The screen froze/locked up/paused(however it should be described) on the laptop, not the iOS device! I also, maybe I should have categorized this under “Tips and Troubleshooting” instead of “Beta Feedback”.