iOS Companion app 3.29.0 (1158) issues [SOLVED]


My issue is with iPad iOS. (Map loading and then collapsing within seconds) though in game it still shows that ZCA is connected.

I have a secondary issue with iPhone iOS where ZCA wont load on occasion. It sticks on the blue opening screen. It sometimes requires 4 or 5 attempts to get it to load with the iPhone needing to be restarted and WiFi turned off.

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No, my iPhone 12 mini on 15.1 is equally as bad as my ipad pro(s)

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Ive the same issue with needing to reboot iPhone several times, it also happens with my iPad, just to get the CA to shift the blue screen. Anyone else find that when you set off on a route, your avatar does a u-turn therefore negating the route you’ve planned. Happened to me on Watopia & Neokyo.

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I have similar problems with ZCompanion. I use(d) iPad Pro with ios14 to run companion. It was great. The disappearing map arose when I got back to Zwift after a break in Aug/Sept … I am now on ios15. I still have an iPhone 6 on iOS 12.x and the companion works ok on this. But I find it too small. I have a 3yr old cheapo Android tablet and companion works on that but it is extremely sluggish compared with the iPad performance. The cheap tablet is even slower than the 2014 iphone6
I am running Zwift on a pc with a good graphics card in hirez mode and that is fine. The analogy I would give is that Zwift on the 42” TV in front of me is like looking out the front of my car/bike…. You have to see where you are going observe your surroundings, and look at the scenery etc. But when I want to see the “controls”/act/react, I want to look at the dashboard. For me that dashboard is Zwift Companion and it is a wonderful thing when it is working properly. I really need to have it working properly on the iPad.


Same issues as all the above. Apple TV and IPad companion not working. Map for a second then back to main screen

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Already done :+1:

We’re identified the fix for the blank screen issue and are working on vetting it. We’ll provide an update as we get closer to release. Thanks all for your patience.


Hey @shooj , any news on the fact that the App will not open consistently after the 3.30 upgrade. Bluetooth off/ Bluetooth on, wifi off/ wifi on, delete and reinstall App - still problems opening in standalone mode, not when connected to zwift.

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Same here.

What about the issue with the map not loading??

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Hi @shooj what about the issue with the map screen briefly opening and then reverting back to the home screen?

Is there any feedback on when that issue will be resolved?

The companion app is basically useless if it can’t be used during rides (and no, switching to the tiny screen on my phone isn’t going to be a solution, except in emergencies).

Please and thanks.


We’re looking into the map screen not opening fully as well, and will update progress on that as we have news to deliver.

We’re seeing a few reports of the Companion app getting stuck on a blue screen, and have a thread to gather more details. If you’re having blue screen symptoms, please join us on this other thread.


@shooj Thanks for the update. In the meantime, is it possible to push out a working previous version as an ‘update’ so that people can at least use ZCA on their iPads?


Thanks for the update on the game screen not working!
Eagerly awaiting your fix!
Be happy to test it from my end, if that is helpful and possible.

Having the same problem. I can open the app on my iPad Air, but every time it try to open the in game features such as map and chat it open for a split second then closes back the the main screen. I contacted support and they say they are aware of this issue but don’t have timeline for a fix. It’s a little frustrating.

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This will probably not been taken care off before the customers start cancel. It’s many good program’s out there, with a support that is much better. Zwift have never really listen to their customers.


Zwift on ATV // iPad Mini on Bike for ZC. Same issue here. ZC launches for 2seconds and then closes back to main screen. Really upsetting not to chat in game :frowning:


iOS for Zwift
iPad OS for companion - loads map for 1 second


Just wanted to add a +1 on this thread. Zwift Companion app loads map for 1 second then disappears rendering it useless. It’s really annoying - nothing else changed, only the apps updated.

Zwift Companion 3.30.0 on iPadOS 15.1 and iOS 15.1.1.

Any idea when we get an update/rollback to a working version?