IOS App no longer connects after the last update

The IOS app only has the “peek” button and no longer changes to “ride” when I start a Zwift session.  This happened a few days ago after the last Zwift update.  I noticed that the IOS app was not updated so I was hoping that would fix it but no go.


  • Phone is on the same wifi network

  • I enabled airplane mode and forced wifi to ensure it was using wifi


Anyone else seeing this problem?


Ping from computer to iphone IP did not work so I started to dig into my router settings. I was able to ping from my router to the iphone IP so it was obviously a wireless network configuration issue. It’s just weird that it suddenly appeared after the update. Anyways, I ended up changing the wireless security mode from WPA2/WPA Mixed mode to WPA2 on my router and this fixed the problem.  Hope this can help someone else.  Back in business!