Invisible hole or what?

I just noticed that on that climb just before the sign that says “Z 100m” or something like that KICKR will reliably loose all resistance for a couple of seconds. Happened every time I pass that place.

Hi Kostya,

At which 100m sign is it at? We have several. I just did a run-through of the track and did not encounter the hole but would like to know where it is so we can try and reproduce it.


I think it is the one right before the end of main climb

I tried to find the position but it’s difficult (mainly because I forgot to observe the readings closely when closing the position).

I was pretty sure however that it happened at least once exactly on the 10 % incline shortly before the KOM (polka dot door).

So I thought this might be related to the change from one digit incline to two digit incline - but this is only wild guessing of course.

I have to say I did feel a bit of what Kostya is talking about. Once i felt it I tried to pay attention to it each lap.

To be honest, it didn’t feel like it was always in the exact same place.

Sometimes I felt it just before the 200m sign.

Other times I felt it sort of around 150m - between the 100m and 200m signs.

As described, it just feel that the resistance disappears briefly and it is reflected in power dropping a few watts. Not sure if it is some kind of brief or subtle change in the terrain but I did feel what he described.

I definitely noticed this on my ride this morning. There are two steep sections during the climb (>5 or 6%). I agree that it doesn’t happen in the exact same location or even every time, but I think it is consistent enough to not be random dropped ANT+ signal. Typically I noticed shortly before the “top” of the steep section (which is really the top for the second one). I would be holding a steady power output, the resistance (and power) would suddenly drop and then come back. Definitely not consistent with the terrain.

There is something there but I don’t seem to hit it every time. It’s almost like riding through mud for about 3 seconds. Today I noticed that the onscreen rider actually slows his pedaling, and the sound of the wheels changes to correspond with a speed drop.

Found the invisible hole. It is at about 140 to go +/- a few. It gets real easy for a second, almost like an accidental shift from big chain to small chain. Then the resistance comes back.