Introducing the HoloReplay [2022]

It hasn’t. Tom is…meaning of course I am, haha…still here in the real world for the moment.

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Based on Flint’s note, theoretically it will be these …

ZP Segment list

I think expanding the 90 day to 12 months would be smart (maybe a settings option) as we’ll have more chance of having previous data for more segments, particularly for the less popular segments like Ventop, Epic KOM, AdZ etc (and less draft effect from other riders so ghost will likely be more accurate of own performance).

Edit - I didn’t check which if these also routes


Use any course you like, there’s one for every land and several for Watopia.
For long rides use the Alp or Ventoux.
Innsbruck is fairly long as well,

This is great to hear. I’ll give it a go soon. I already know I’m going to want to have it available on all routes or even all rides, not just the timed segments, and that I’m going to want more than the last 90 days (I used to use it constantly on Tacx Training System way back when that was a thing, and it was great motivation), but hopefully those things will come with time and until then this sounds like a great step, thank you!

Definitely this. For me I’d like to see an on/off button added in the companion app.


From ZwiftInsider

Replayable Segments

HoloReplay is available on segments that include a leaderboard: all timed KQOMs (including Alpe du Zwift!), sprints, and presumably these full routes*:
[ Edit - updated ]

*We haven’t yet tested every segment to confirm HoloReplay is working where stated.


Definitely works on Volcano Circuit.


The way your HoloReplay sits at the end of the segment waiting, taunting you … I hate that guy.


I was curious what a fan view of someone else would show in a segment so I did a fan view of a rider near me and while in that mode, I could see MY holo rider. I wasn’t expecting to see theirs but was surprised mine showed up in their view. I’m not sure if that’s intended behaviour or not but it’s interesting.

It is still your view. They can’t see yours.

Is it best 90 days regardless of device you use?
So if you switch between Ipad, ATV & PC?

Great job, cool feature. All time PR would certainly make it a lot more useful, but I’m guessing there’s some storage and retrieval issues with that.


I don’t see why any more storage unless you are suggesting all time and recent PR be stored so extra set of ghosts.

What might be nice is having it customisable so i can set the timescales. likes of alp or ventop i want to look back way further than 90 days.

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Yes I know, I didn’t word that well.

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Oooh. Sat just behind someone hitting a sprint and watching my PB self leave them trailing in my wake while the real me noodled along at 100 watts was ridiculously satisfying.

I may never sprint again!



Does this bot work when riding up AdZ? :star_struck:

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As long as you set a time in a free ride, yes.

so cool. off to try it now. thank you

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You’ll need to do one at least every 90 days to keep it up. :wink:

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Nice feature and very well implemented from what I’ve seen with a lot of the potential traps for an experience shortfall avoided. Well done Zwift!

It’d be even better if the PRs were all time. I can see me mainly using this on the Alpe in my 2-3x year PR attempt. It’s likely outside the window by the time I’ll do it.

Also, it’d be neat if one could share their holoreplay time with a friend. I’d love to chase a friend/teammate’s time even when we’re not both around for a meet up