Introducing Hide Display Mode [April 2021]

Tried this today. Worked perfectly! Thanks for the tip.

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I bet they make the features on that companion app more customizable
so we can set it up like a head unit and just ride with a clear screen in the game.
The map view on my companion app seems to have a clipped display and there are numbers to the side.
I don’t see the full number but it doesn’t seem to be power or elevation.

I’m baffled by the inability to activate this during training.

  1. You guys know that there’s a companion app right? It turns out you can see the numbers there.
  2. Surely if a user presses H and they find they need the info, they can easily press H again? Is something bad (explosion, zombies unleashed etc.) going to happen that I’m not aware of?
    Given that it took at least a year to get this highly requested feature implemented, it’s disappointing that it didn’t seem to go through a basic UX review. I’m still stuck with using the Zwift hacks app as a result.
    While we’re on the topic of UX review, did anyone at Zwift actually try the exit to home feature (another one that took a year to implement)?
  • I now have to lean over and press the exit button on the laptop rather than being able to exit from the phone on my bike. You can exit the ride from the companion app but not to desktop as before.
  • When I press exit, it’s almost impossible to tell the button was pressed. Audio continues, nothing happens for 5 seconds. So if you mis-press, you’re left staring at the screen for 10s.
    UX review!

I got a good laugh out of that one.

A cursory navigation of the app on any platform shows that the concept of UX reviews is foreign to this team.

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Have been really enjoying riding with no HUD, quite surprised what a difference it makes, never realised how cluttered the screen is.

Would be good to have the option to just show HR/watts/RPM in the top left corner.


A couple of suggestions (I love no HUD btw)

  • Ability to remove HUD in workouts. The workout screen on the companion app is well thought out, to the extent that I really don’t need the HUD on for workouts. Ruined the experience a bit in Yumezi yesterday.

  • Add gradient to the Companion App data. Gradient is the only thing that is missing in terms of the key metrics, if this was added it would help a lot. I also don’t really see the point of the dashboard in the companion app if it is not configurable. Currently every metric on the dashboard is also visible on the map screen, except for total gradient ridden (which is a pretty useless metric for most).


Must admit I don’t use the companion app very much for workouts but like the idea of being able to remove the chat/rider list from workouts.

Yes! In fact on my 65" 4K TV and gaming pc, those areas look like a ‘dirty screen’. It is mostly noticeable against sky/clouds, and even extends down the sides a bit. It’s one of those things that is really annoying once you’ve discovered it! Like Dave, my first thought was that it was my TV or PC, but screen colour and game tests ruled that out. I tried the Apple TV, and the dark markings were showing with that too, just more blurry. I then tried Zwift on another PC and monitor, and yes, same thing.
Is this something to do with the ‘hiding’ of the HUD, or are those areas always like that and we just don’t get to see them …? It really spoils the graphics in hidden mode.

It’s always like that, but it’s a lot more noticeable with the HUD hidden. Just turn it off with Steve’s config file mod. Works a treat.


It does indeed make a big improvement!

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I assume you mean this:

I tried it. Not sure it worked - at least, the vignette was still there on my screenshots.

I may have edited the wrong config file, to be fair. :smiley:

Yeah, it does work. :+1:

I should also like to see the incline ( as well as other matches) in the companion app


See Gradient on companion app PLEASE!

i can’t win get told if for posting in individual threads wrt connections, rather than in software update, now getting told off for posting here, rather than in separate thread !

I’m not “telling you off”. I’m simply pointing you to an existing thread in the Feature Requests forum which already has some votes on it. Adding your own vote there can’t hurt, right?

I’ve droned on about this in a number of threads for months but whoever implemented this has apparently moved on to more interesting projects. It makes absolutely no sense to disallow disabling HUD in workouts because you can see the numbers in the companion app. The companion apps seems to have been purpose built just for this! (hence the “companion” bit)
Don’t use the companion app? By all means don’t press ‘H’ during your workouts. Pressed ‘H’ by accident and now don’t know how to get the HUD back? A useful message can be displayed when ‘H’ is pressed (“Press H again to restore the HUD”).
What’s especially annoying is that when this was released, the zwift-preferences back door for disabling the HUD was disabled. Now there’s no way to get rid of the HUD when training anymore (95% of my zwift time)!
It’s just bizarre how this was implemented and the fact that no one at Zwift seems to be using the companion app when training. Maybe the coder did it when they were hung over or had recently fallen off their bike and taken a knock? Please delete the three lines of code that perform this check.

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