I was wondering if Zwift could communicate with the Bkool system?

This would allow it to send Bkool your settings and payment info, for if like me you are a returning winter user that doesn’t agree with the price hike.

Would save my group of friends about 30mins each.


Hi Rob - I have great news for you, if you’re a returning customer you are eligible for the legacy pricing and won’t see a price hike on your account his winter. 

For more information check out our FAQ here:


Am i getting this right that you are asking for Zwift to help a rival company do better? Would Microsoft do this to Apple? It is counter intuitive for Zwift and against their best interests.



it was a joke. everyone else got that?


BTW bkool is really bad so you might go back to 4 euros more, bkool is 12. 

I wouldn’t say it’s really bad but I do prefer zwift

I’ve changed over to Zwift from BKool.