Interval Training - Power not adjusting according interval

Hi Zwift Team,

On my recent ride, my interval power changes did not properly register.
Normally this happens once in a while, and only for a few seconds so it is usually not a big deal.

This time, an interval would not engage until after one or 1,5 minutes, i.e. basically when it was time already to start yet another interval. I have attached the file and am wondering if you could run some diagnostics:

  • When changing interval, how often (frequnecy and duration) does Zwift try to communicate the change in power to the Smart Trainer? If the ANT+ connection is not 100% stable, a tweak on the interfacing protocol may repair this issue.
  • Please send instructions on how to submitting a file for analysis, as I am unable to save it in this post.

Thanks for looking into this! I will also look with the Tacx team in parallel.

If you dont have a stable Ant+ connection then its likely you have interference or a weak signal between your trainer and the Zwift device.

To determine if this is the case, you can drop your log file onto which will show the number of errors/reconnects. It also provides hints to remediate the issue.

If you are having problems interpreting the Zwiftalizer output, you can past here and people here can likely guide you.

FYI - if you specifically want Zwift team support, you have to go through page - people here are from the community and it’s rare to get Zwift staff responding.