interval times off?

Recently, I have been riding Zwift using power readings broadcast from my Wahoo KICKR. The KICKR resistance itself is controlled by TrainerRoad running on an iPad platform but the power numbers both come from the KICKR and as far as I can tell are nearly identical in real time.

I have noticed that when I upload the Zwift ride to Strava and look at the ride analysis, the power interval and rest intervals are not at all regular (i.e. repeated one minute VO2 intervals and one minute rest intervals all look like they take a significantly different amount of time - somewhere between :30 and 1:30 instead of 1:00). The power curves look very sharp, typical of a KICKR, but the timing of intervals really looks off. 

Example here:

all those intervals and rests in the main workout lasted one minute

This is true with the Zwift data but not the TrainerRoad data. Is this a known issue with Zwift?


I have not done a Zwift wko in a while, but a friend of mine attempted some 12 minute FTP intervals today.  The “Zwift” time of the intervals was 12 minutes, but the real time was 10:30.  I believe this is a new issue with Zwift.