following feature could be interesting and make the zwift track more fun and variable.


What: To be able to take turns at intersections (T-intersection, crossroads)

Why: instead of riding always the same loop you can now create multiple different loops by taking turns at intersections. The ride is more fun and variable.

How: 300m before an intersection, the dashboard shows 3 arrows. Up, left and right. You can select which way you want to go. Selecting nothing or if you don’t have the dashboard on your phone/tablet, zwift chooses either random or always up.

Advantages: you can create a lot of different terrains in one map. Flat, hills, mountains, etc. By choosing the correct turn you can now ride a loop that is completely flat or with a lot of hills.

Stay tuned. You’re on target :slight_smile:

This would be amazing… like, at an intersection, there is a CAT 1 climb if you turn right, CAT 4 if you go straight, and flat if you go left.  Wow… that is a FANTASTIC idea!!!