Intersection/route scrutiny

I have been trying to plan and ride every road in each Zwift world in as short distance as possible (with no U-turns). My criteria for intersections has been: so long as there is some sort of connecting T at t-intersections (or a full cross like and x for 4-way intersections), it is sufficient. I don’t need to come thru an intersection more than twice.
For instance, this (the paths shown by the orange arrow; these can happen at any point during the ride) is acceptable:

My question has to do with the intersection at the end of Ocean Boulevard and Hilly Route on the little island of Italian Villas:

This intersection operates as a T, having three roads converging. However, it is a weird one because instead of having a nice T, it has a little island in the middle, meaning the intersection has 6 areas.

My question is: should I treat this as a T and simply pass through the intersection in two ways, or should I be nitpicky and make sure I hit all 6 areas? In other words, do I need to hit 2, 4, and 6 or could I just do 2&4, 4&6, etc.? I can’t decide :sweat_smile:

I think I’d say treat it as a T Junction.

I wouldn’t criticise if you didn’t, especially if you are doing all roads in one ride.

Another option is to break the U-turn rule just to snag that one piece of virtual tarmac. Think that’s how I’d do it in a real life challenge…

When I did this exercise I treated it as a T intersection.