(Riccardo Dago) #1

Hi at moment my kirk is on garage a place where i havent internet conection.
Its possible use program without connection and update data after a course?

(Scott) #2

You need an internet connection to download Zwift and validate your account. Currently, we do not offer an “offline” mode.

(Riccardo Dago) #3

tks for reply.
I can try to use my smartphone as hot spot, but how many band a full train use?

(Scott) #4

3G hotspot should work fine and doesn’t use much data. Give it a shot and check your data usage to make sure it’s acceptable for you.

(Tim Corso) #5

You must have power in your garage to run the Kickr. What about using two power line adapters to get an ethernet connection via your house (and garage) ring main. Works for me!

(Riccardo Dago) #6

This seems a good idea… Must tries it