Internet drop then showing previous maps turn in different world

joined a race earlier, 4 laps lutece express, did a warm up in neokyo (sprinters playground) but lost internet and joined the pen for the race once the internet came back, the entire race i was seeing a turn for the rooftop in the middle of the screen that did not go away

is there anything that can be determined from the logs file?

Hi @Rich

I don’t know how to identify that kind of issue in the logs or even if there’s a way to do so.

I will flag up your issue to a higher technical authority on the team, however, and let you know when I have more information. Thanks!

EDIT: Actually, if I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing and since you’re requesting log file analysis, technically I should be advising you to send us a support request, Rich. Once you’ve done so, our Tier 2 tech support team will be able to take a closer look at the logs.

You can reach us here.

If there is no real means of checking the log file for this sort of graphical glitch no need to send you the log file, I’ll have a look when I bot that machine up later and save the log file out

The actual turn only showed up when came out of they pens and turned left, I’ll see if I can get a short video of it uploaded

And thanks for looking into this, I know it’s going to be a rare issue for most

I’ve had it happen once, earlier this year, when I was warming up, got the turn graphic and then went to the pens for the event. The turn graphic then stayed for the whole event. I can’t remember which worlds were involved, but I don’t think it was Makuri.