Internet Connection - Needs Auto Reconnect

(James Wells) #1


I have been using Zwift for a couple of weeks now. I use a Wahoo Kickr & Garmin ANT+ dongle with a Surface Pro 3 Running Windows 10. connected over wifi.

Its fairly rare but occasionally I lose my internet connection for a moment.
When this happens as has been documented all over these forums, all of the other riders and ghosts disappear and the mobile companion app stops working. You then go on to win numerous coloured jerseys.

I am comfortable that when the Internet is not connected then bad luck for me I am riding on my own, I could guess a few reasons why maybe due to server side logic and handling of a disconnected ride, you may not want to reconnect, although presumably it would not be difficult to put the following logic in the windows application.

  • Add a while loop that is triggered when the game detects that it is no longer connected.
  • every minute you are in the loop, you could try and establish the connection with the server
  • if a connection is achieved you could look for the users existing ride
    – I presume either by their logon, or by assigning a GUID to the ride on client and server to work as a handshake.
  • if their ride is found, I assume there would be a sync requirement of sorts from client up to server, and the rider can continue with other riders.
  • to avoid abuse of disconnect and continue ride tomorrow the application may need to maintain that the rider was not idle whilst in the while loop, ie if completed km are less than (x) km for each minute of loop then break from loop, and throw away the server side ride.
  • in this case they then ride alone, and sync (presumably) at the end

When you are planning to do the 160km UCI achievement, and after 8km (restart app and then again 14km (22km) all riders are gone, and you know you are looking at either 146km on your own, or another restart, you get off your trainer and write this.

In reading the forums it is a common issue, and there is no commentary from Zwift as to whether or not this is on the dev pipeline or not. 

The fix doesn’t sound like rocket science, although you may have architecture concerns that prohibit it, could someone comment as to whether we can expect a fix to this any time, and if yes rough timeframe?


(John Murphy) #2

Might be platform specific, I’ve lost connection on my Macbook a few times and it was able get me back automatically.

(Russell Young) #3

I came on to log the same thing - once the connection’s dropped on the windows client, when it comes back you never see anyone else until you close the app and restart - I headed up the mountain route today and 5 mins in the broadband guy fiddled in the road and cut me off for just about 1 minute.  Spent the rest of the hour or so grinding up the mountain on my own.  Cold and lonely :-( 

(Lance Rodela) #4

on my 2015 macbook pro when the wifi drops for a few seconds it causes zwift to disconnect from all my devices and it will not reconnect unless I quit zwift and then restart it. it would be ideal when the wifi drops that all the devices stay connected and I can continue in an offline mode and then reengage when back online