Internal Server Error 400 / 403 (Clear your browser)

Un Grand merci Dave ,tu m’as bien aidé

Je vous en prie. :+1:

fait semblant de connaître le français

Still getting the 400 error even after resetting / clearing cache, history, etc. I also have re-installed the app and still I cant get in. WHere can I get a re-fund as this is clearly an issue on Zwifts end.

Did you clear IE (internet explorer) or follow @Dave_ZPCMR instructions to clear the cache

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DAVE_ZPCMR, you’re a genius, thank you! I tried everything and that did the trick. Laptop/Windows 10

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Thank you - this worked perfectly

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@shooj - Just had this problem over the last couple days. Used @Dave_ZPCMR 's workaround, seems ok.
I use Windows 10 on a recent desktop with good graphics card, it cropped up after I applied a windows update.

Only thing which happened was that now I get a box with 400 error instead. Will I have to clean all my browsers? I will not do that, this is just stupid, you shouldn’t need to do this just to start Zwift. Zwift you should get some new programmers, maybe you could cuct back on the HR-department and social justices questions and care more about the actual program?

I cleaned the history in IE many times and now it works. I am lucky I am not depending on IE because if I was I would be pissed, clearing your history because Zwift needs it to be cleaned is bad.

That’s horrible. Some people likes to have their history intact. I guess you could use another browser just because of this issue with Zwift. I am not using IE but for people using IE this is just horrible.