Internal Classification or automatic subscription to Zwiftpower

I’ve said for years that Zwift should do more of this stuff first hand rather than relying on community projects or other (paid for) products. But as far as ZwiftPower goes I’ve pretty much changed my mind. James and others have done an absolutely fantastic job, and development is ongoing.

And as always it’s a case of a) priorities and b) specialisation.

In terms of priorities, Zwift racing has historically been regarded (by Zwift) as a niche activity. We’ve got some tools and support over the years, but it’s just not their focus. Maybe that’s changing with the Pro league - but even that is relying on the sterling support of Glen Knight and the rest of the KISS and ZwiftPower teams. Those guys deserve medals. Or new bikes at least.

As for specialisation, even if Zwift did move to do all this in house, they would have to buy in expertise, or spend a lot of time building up the knowledge that James (ZwiftPower) and others have accumulated over the past few years. To go from nothing to where ZP is is now? Not trivial or instant by any means. Yeah, maybe they could just acquire the ZP codebase. If it’s for sale. Or hire James. If he’s for hire… :smiley:

I’ve voted for this request not because I necessarily thing Zwift can do it better, but because I would like to see greater integration, less of the “why aren’t I shown in the results?” questions, and simply more direct support for racing.

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Yes Daren, That’s it! Now with the GDPR, but generally speaking with a “non automatic” flow from Zwift to ZwiftPower, we need a second subscription, meaning loose the “integrity of results”. ZwiftPower do a fantastic job, Zwift should just do a raw list, a raw leaderboard. Just to let you know who riding with you, no matter if they have a ZwiftPower o a Strava account.