Intermittent internet connection

Hi, I suffer from a flakey internet connection. Often this is just for a minute to two but Zwift doesn’t always automatically reconnect. Is there a way in the game to get it to re-establish the connection without having to quit, log off and log back in again?

What are you running Zwift on? Phone/Tablet/AppleTV/PC/Mac? If a PC/Mac how far is the computer from your router/modem? Could it be possible to connect via ethernet cable instead of WiFi?

Hi, I use a Mac but I should have explained, it’s not my house WiFi that’s the problem but my ISP, Virgin Media who are having problems with their servers. It’s not just me but other VM customers in the U.K. They started having problems during lockdown and although it is improving, I believe they’re still
Not able to send people out to fix problems.

Don’t know if your cell phone plan comes with the option to use mobile data, if so and it’s a different carrier than your ISP you could set your cell phone to be a mobile hotspot and use that for internet until your ISP fixes their issues.

I could do but that wasn’t really my question which was whether it’s possible to force Zwift to re-establish connection to the server whilst in the game, without quitting and restarting?

Don’t have first hand experience with it, but from my understanding if there are internet drop outs Zwift should reconnect automatically once the internet is back up.

That’s what supposed to happen and sometimes it does but sometimes it doesn’t.