Intermittent connectivity with Elite Qubo B+

(Nathan Harward) #1

I thought i would post this to save someone the 3+ hours of troubleshooting the Elite B+ trainer.  After going through all the steps to verify ANT+ and USB and interference issues it came down to one thing…  i’m dumb!  turns out that the grey sensor box is VERY sensitive to how its placed on the back of the trainer.  it was knocked off (which is an issue of design) and when i put it back on i couldn’t get the thing to sync up with any kinda of stability.  the guy on zwift wouldn’t go and results were varied with other devices i use.  so its IMPORTANT to place the grey sensor box correctly.  on top of the grey sensor box are groves (for grip) so you can take off the top cap.  if you are facing the trainer make sure those groves are on the right side.  haven’t had an issue since…