Intermediate sprints/KOMs in races

 It would be cool to have an optional race mode that gave bonus for being the first person across a sprint banner or KOM point within a race. That would spice things up and make the races more interesting. I was thinking either a specific highly desirable powerup (such as an aero boost on a flat race or a feather on a hilly race), which people might fight for if they want it to make the winning move; or a super-powerup, like one that lasts longer or is completely unique (such as the ability to inflict a devastating crosswind on the race nullifying drafting for a time, or the ability to cause the commissaire to neutralize the group for a bit, etc); or for races that don’t allow powerups you could give a 100 point bonus or something. Or you could make it cumulative, you can cash in intermediate banners you won for equipment upgrades or custom paint jobs on your helmet or something. Either way, it would add another element that would be lots of fun to implement in a race, and it would certainly add some variety to the laps.