Intel integrated graphics gen 10 and 11


I have a Lenovo V15 IIL laptop and was having the much publicised issues with running Zwift on the integrated Intel GPU, in my case Intel UHD. To be specific, the processor in my laptop is an Intel i5-1035G1. However, I do seem to have managed to resolve the issue.

I was having the game-freezing issue. It was very frustrating and really quite traumatic.

Having tried many of the other proposed solutions with no success, I upgraded to Windows 11, uninstalled the display adaptor driver in Device Manager, and used the Intel Driver and Support Assistant to install:

Intel® 6th-10th Gen Processor Graphics - Windows
Release date: December 29, 2022

Since then I no longer have the crashes. I can see from other posts that people have followed this route and had no success, but it has worked for me and if just one person can follow in my wake and rid themselves of the heartbreak of having a pride-worthy effort up a steep climb stopped dead in its tracks by a spinning circle of doom then my work here will have been worthwhile.

Note: if you do upgrade to Windows 11 you cannot use the driver roll-back workaround that others have been successful with so I would strongly recommend trying that first.

Ride on,


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Keeping this alive, unfortunately. Bought a new Samsung GalaxyBook2 Pro. 12th gen i7 with 16gb ram. Having the same crashes. Maybe 1-2 times out of 5 it just freezes and then finally crashes at 40 min or later, sometimes at 1h 15min. Checked with support with crash logs and they confirmed the issue remains with 12th gen processors. Will try removing the image upload from auto to never. Have anyone tried this and actually managed to get zwift stable?

If support told you there was an issue with 12th gen, they are wrong. Tons of us using that as it is an excellent performer for Zwift - at least the desktop versions are. I suppose there could be something different in the mobile ones that you’ve got.

The freezing mid ride has gotten exponentially worse in the past month, I’m losing half my rides now. A quick look at system Reliability and Problem history suggests this is due to the GPU. The errors are generally “GEN11LP_OGL_BBHANG” type errors. I guess ZWIFT have no plans to help those on Gen 10 Intel platforms with Integrated graphics. This Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is generally fine with everything else so don’t really want to chuck it for 1 app.

Same issue here. Surface 4 i7. Freezers once a session. Very frustrating.

Looks like that is an 11th gen CPU which probably means you got video screenshots enabled by default. Try it with that setting disabled if it’s present.

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It’s hardly a solution, but I noticed running my laptop (11th gen Core i7 1165G7) on battery reduces the clock-speed and CPU usage by roughly a third, which just seems enough to not have it freezing up - even though the Intel IRIS GPU is still pretty much maxed out. I use an external monitor so I can switch off the laptop’s display to make the battery last longer, but it still limits me to events under 1 hour – or I just have to ride a bit faster to finish in time :smiley: