Install on Windows 7 Computer

Trying to re-install on older windows 7 machine. Download latest updater and after I try an run I keep getting error z-23 message, line 680 patch.cpp or something like that.

I believe that Win 7 is no longer supported by Zwift.

Officially it is, according to their [laughably poor] supported devices page.

That said, I’d just upgrade the PC to Windows 10 before trying anyway. There’s no good reason to stay on Windows 7.

If this old computer originally came with Windows 7, it is probably quite old. There is a good possibility that its graphics card is either not supported by Zwift, or is not powerful enough to run it.

Z23 is not an error code with a published meaning . The only references I can find are to contact support and responses were to ask if the advise solved the issue ( no reply ) . I guess the only action is to raise a support ticket but the community would benefit from the solution being published here if it is provided and works ( or even that it doesnt work and why ) .

As has been hinted your graphics card and/ or the version of graphics drivers might be the most likely area to look at … If you know how to obtain that , do post here we might be able to advise .

Failing that as its a reinstall , it might be worth totally cleaning up all the zwift files after uninstalling ( everything in c:/program files x86/Zwift and in your local documents directory the folder titled zwift and try once more . Zwiftinstaller app sometimes doesnt remove correctly , check your system tray to make sure .

Is it a 32 bit version of Win7? Zwift does not work on 32 bit operating systems.

See this Microsoft article to determine if yours is 32 bit or 64 bit.