Install error code Z-32 Windows

Got an update failure to report error code Z-32 at line 680 in Patcher.cpp.

What to do?
Should I try to launch zwift anyway?!


Hi @Annette_HERD_Johnsto welcome to Zwift forums.
Did you try to launch Zwift anyway? What happened when you did?

Assuming that you are still having this problem - would you email us three types of log files from your Windows computer? In your \Documents\Zwift\Logs folder, here:

launcher_log.txt (specifically, the ones with yesterday’s dates May 28)
log.txt (also from May 28)

Would you attach them to an email to Please ask for Shuji and reference this forum URL in the body of your email. Thanks.

We took a closer look at your screenshot. There is an instance of the Zwift game app running while you’re trying to update the game app. That’s the problem right there. Error Z-32 indicates an error when the file that’s trying to get updated is already in use.

Please force-close any instances of the game that may be running. You can Alt-Tab to see select an open instance.

Open the Zwift Launcher as usual (file name is ZwiftLauncher.exe). When Launcher fires up, it will initiate the auto-update of the game app.

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