Insane AI roid rage today

(Allan Watkins) #1

So the AI Riders were pretty crazy today,

Oh yeah, also that rider with the last name “zwift”.

(N. Jekov) #2

Yes always get demotivated when I see crazy times like this, AI’s shouldn’t take jerseys.

How do you get the rankings on the left side of the screen? Is there a keyboard command for this?

(Allan Watkins) #3

You see it whenever you click another rider, not sure if there is a shortcut to see it on your own view point.

(Allan Watkins) #4

Forgot to mention, later that ride an AI rider got the polka dot with a 44 second climb.

(D THANG) #5

Haha I saw this last night as well. Tons of AIs going bananas and some riding off into the woods like drunk drivers.

(Peter Lin) #6

I didn’t see any roid AI, but I did some some bat crazy cycle cross AI today between 12-1 EST. On every lap, I saw some AI go off roading, cross the lane and the wrong direction. I found more amusing than annoying. I did see the Zwift rider also, but I didn’t pay much attention to the numbers.

(Karl Litterer) #7

My ride from 7PM to 8:30 PM EST had no AI at all.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #8

Now you know how all the clean riders used to feel!

(Peter Lin) #9

it might be fun and funny for some AI to be mud caked riding cross on the hills :slight_smile:

(Kevin Brandt) #10

CX Nationals was cancelled yesterday so the AI had to have somewhere to race!