In'ride 100 settings

Hi there,
I have a btwin 300, with a cadence amd speed sensor from dechatlon. I could pair it to zwift, and I know I have to set it as in’ride 100. I use it in the 3 level.
But how do I know what should I set when I arrive to a hill? Can the zwift show it?
Thank you!

Hey David, the In’ride won’t automatically change resistance since it’s a classic trainer. I’m guessing you want to know what resistance setting you want to set your trainer on hills?

Hey Vincent, yes its true, i would like to know that :slight_smile:

Hello Zwift

I have the same trainer and I would like to know when to manually change the trainer residence (1-8). can you provide this information?


Hi @aharon_shachar welcome to the forum.

You don’t need to change the trainer setting, leave it on the same level. You will only need to change your gears.

Thanks, but when it comes to climbing I won’t feel any difference. It would be cool if Zwift can tell me ‘now set the resistance to 1,now to 4…’

you are correct but you will go slower, and therefore you will have to change your gears into you biggest front and smallest at the back.

Zwift wont know if you did change your resistance or not.
Zwidt use a standard power curve for your trainer at a set resistance setting,

it would look typically like this.