innsbruck is not very engaging (limited options)

(darrin ward) #1

innsbruck is better than richmond but

after three straight days of innsbruck and limited options, i am getting less excited about using zwift which i figure is not the intended effect.  my girlfriend, another zwift user, is also become less interested in zwift.

i admit that 15 miles and 1600 feet of climbing where most of the climbing is done in 5 miles is a good challenge (a difficult one for me).  but i like more variety.

and its also kind of hard for me to complete this course in 45 minutes which is about as much time as i have to exercise.

yes i could do the 5 mile course but doing that 3 times around for one exercise is also kind of boring.

london has plenty of good routes and so does watopia.

please either add flatter rides and more variety to innsbruck or please do not have three days in a row of innsbruck.  

(P MAC) #2

I agree. I’m hoping zwift will extend the flat part of the course shortly. Getting quite bored of it already but still love zwift to be honest.

(..Troy) #3

I’d like to see a time for the Innsbruck Town route please. (The flatish short route)

(Nigel Doyle) #4

Yup, bored of it already. Graphically it looks great but the ride is pretty boring once you’ve done it a few times.

(lukas ranicar) #5

Yes flat lap needs a timer (and jersey), but im a big fan of it.  Rediscovered zwift racing and for this the course makes sense.  graphically a huge step up too in my op. well done

(Steven Robinson) #6

I don’t mind climbing, but some evenings I want to do a *LITTLE* bit of climbing but not a lot. Innsbruck only offers one climb and it takes me 35 minutes to do it (yes, I’m not very fast!) followed by a 5 minute downhill where I don’t need to pedal at all.

What I’d like is a chicken option where you do the first bit of the climb, then at about the village of Lans (best look it up on a real life map), you can then choose to turn off and cut across on the L9 road to Igls, which is mainly flat with one small rise, and comes out halfway down the normal descent. That would give you a loop which was (at my pace) a 20 minute climb, 5-6 mins on flat/rolling and a 2 minute descent. That would make a nice option to have when you didn’t want to do the full climb.