Initial Thoughts/Issues

(Jeff Abbott) #1

After two rides, I have some initial thoughts and some are issues.

  1. Very fragmented/jerky video. Only 2 frames per second. I am assuming this is my computer/video card or internet connection. But it is really bad and not smooth riding at all.
  2. Computrainer to Zwift connection is slow as compared to Racermate. It takes about 10secs of me to start riding before my Zwift man starts. When I accelerate, there is about a 3sec lag. When I stop riding, the lag is 20secs.
  3. 10% grade hill - game paused. When I hit the big 10% hill, I slowed down to 4mph. Not sure I was really riding that slow but maybe as there was a ton of tension on the Computrainer. The game actually paused thinking I stopped.
  4. AI riders are way too fast. I was doing 22mph in the flats and getting crushed by all of them. Maybe an Easy, Medium, Hard, and Wiggins level.
  5. When I hit the sprint and hill checkpoints, there were points for my rider. What do these mean?
  6. The achievements flash up on the screen too fast for me to read.
  7. When I pause and click “Im Done” it closes the whole program. It should go back to a main menu or something.
  8. Is there a way in the background it can look for other riders? That way if I am in the middle of a solo ride but another person wants to join, they can jump in my ride with me or I can restart with them?

These are my initial impressions and a few issues with Zwift.

(Reinhold Brezovszky) #2

If I analyzed that right your problems are related to computer speed. I tested with two different computers and found that the lap times are directly related to computer speed. I just ordered a really fast one as I think than I should be able to ride as fast as others - at least as fast as those with the same power output.

I think that not being able to catch the wheel of the AIs is related to that, too. For some reason the laps increase in distance on slower machines. The fast computers are running pretty smooth as well.

(Jeff Abbott) #3

Thanks for the tip. I figured the lag/frame rate might be my computer. But it says I am peddling 22mph (and that feels right) and I still can not catch the AIs.

My computer specs:
Processor: Intel Atom D510(1.66GHz)
RAM: 1GB PC2-6400 800HRz DDR2
Video Card:NVIDIA ION with 512MB VRAM

(Paul Schwartz) #4

Jeff, that sounds like a woefully inadequate computer for any real game (and this is definitely more of a game than the Racermate stuff which is REALLY basic in terms of graphics and required computing power). It runs super smooth on my not-very-high-end 2 year old computer (desktop, NOT laptop… laptops almost always have more anemic video cards) with 8 GB RAM.

(Gary Randolph(BTC)) #5

That might be my problem as well. My laptop:
Intel Core i7 CPU M620@2.67GHz
What would a “decent” system look like?

(David Aldrich USMES) #6

I have it on my desktop

i53570 @ 3.40 GHz
64 bit windows 8
Solid State HD 128GB

I have no problems catching the AIs I just notice a little bit of lag. I increase the watts and it takes about 1.5sec to make the changes

(Reinhold Brezovszky) #7

@Jeff Actually you are pedaling at 22 mph, but the point is that the distance is increasing. So if the distance is twice as much as for the AIs you have to pedal twice as fast as they do to catch them.

Actually I think that this has to be solved in a different way, because otherwise Zwift will have thousands of people not understanding why they are not able to ride with the others. They might accept a not so smooth graphic but they’ll be pretty upset if they push really hard and cannot keep the wheel of the group they’re riding with. But that’s what betatesting is here for. :wink:

@Gary: More or less the same setup that I have here (beneath some others). I just ordered a desktop with Intel Core i7-4790 4x 3.60GHz, ASUS GTX 750TI-OC-2GB GeForce, Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit, 2TB Seagate HDD, 8 GB RAM. I guess that will do. Can’t wait the system to arrive, as Amazon is packing it for two days already. :open_mouth:

(Paul Joyce) #8

Is anyone running an Intel 4600 integrated graphics card? Looking to upgrade, but would like to be sure the upgrade works.


(Gary Randolph(BTC)) #9

It just seems wrong that computer speed should affect the competition. I’m consistently cranking around 200W and getting passed like I’m on a tricycle. :wink:

(Paul Schwartz) #10

So computer speed is really affecting rider speed?? If so, that seems to be a huge bug! Frame rate and other computer variables should not affect anything, and distance covered should be strictly based on riding metrics like actual time elapsed and wattage, yes?!? And while we’re at it, they’ll really have to implement rider weight ASAP… I can ride at about the same wattage as my son, but I’m 50 pounds heavier… guess who should be WAY faster up the climbs in the game!

(Reinhold Brezovszky) #11

Another test today showed me that with the point of view #9 the Notebook I mentioned above was able to render fast enough so that I could ride in a normal speed and with the correct distance. If you’d like to see the effect look at and switch to distance. Please note that lap 5 was when I was trying the keyboard shortcuts and hit the l-key (which threw me out of the lap) - so this is the reason why lap 5 is shorter. But you can see that laps 1-4 are about 6 km while laps 7 & 8 are about 5 km long.

What I saw as well is that the Notebook was running on about 50 % of the possible performance (when the computer was not fast enough to have the correct distance) but when I looked into the task manager I saw that the first core was at 100 % and the others were running clearly below 50 %. Mentioning this only because it may be that this helps the developpers find a way to a better performance on slower machines and a correction of the bug.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #12

I can’t see that computer speed would have anything to do with competition. My understanding is that performance data is coming from your trainer…Kickr/Computrainer or whatever. I could see that graphics could be an issue with an inadequate video card.

I’m running a three year-old MacBook Pro with Windows 7 on Bootcamp. I’ve been able to ride with the AI riders and other human riders fairly easily. I do think the AIs need some refinement as they seem to increase pace once you lock on the wheel.

(Gary Randolph(BTC)) #13

I can’t imagine that computer speed would affect the competition either. Thing is - a lap takes me over an hour to complete yet I’m pretty sure that I read where it takes some people about ten minutes. I never get left in the dust that bad. :wink:

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #14

Gary - yeah if it’s taking you an hour to complete a lap you definitely have something going on. A fast lap would be a little over 8 minutes with an average lap around 10min.


(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #15

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your feedback! Let’s see if I can answer some of these questions:

According to the info provided, your computer spec is quite low. This accounts for the stuttering performance of the game. While future updates will most likely improve your performance, it won’t really become playable on that machine.

This could account for the inaccuracies with your computrainer as well.

If you have access to a more powerful PC, I would definitely try it on that.

Regarding the AIs - they are definitely not controlled by your computer. We have them running on a server on our end. :slight_smile:

We’ll be mixing up the AI’s abilities in time. Right now we just wanted make sure they were working.

@Gary - That’s very odd. If you could drop a line to with some details of your set-up and breakdown of what you’re seeing when riding that’d be awesome.