Initial impressions... calibration request.

First… thank you for the invite to beta test Zwift as a part of the 18th wave.

I have to say that this is one of the most refined products I have had the privilege to test. Definitely more refined than my previous software beta testing sessions (MS Vista and HalfLife). Not quite as mindless as being a wear tester for The North Face, but all I did was put shoes on, go trash them and write up weaknesses

I had no issues loading the Zwift software or configuring for use with my Kickr. I was able to get up and running in a very short (and painless) period of time. I was pleasantly surprised by this. My computer is a homebuilt unit of about 3 years old, various upgrades since, running Windows 7 Pro. It has always been a very stable platform. I moved the PC to my trainer and had to configure a USB wireless connection, which also has not been an issue… again, I am pleasantly surprised by this.

My short two day experience with Zwift has been very stable, and alot of fun. I manage to hammer myself into the ground in less than 30 mins each time I hop on the trainer. Granted, Im not that strong of a rider, but the incentive to try and catch actual riders is addicting.

I intentionally left my connection up overnight and was not dropped. I manually exited today and saved the file, seemingly without an issue. I notice appropriate resistance changes with incline and decline.The only time I do not notice appropriate resistance change is when am in the “paused” stated for any period of time. I will try to narrow this down on my end before submitting a ticket.

I do not notice a difference in real effort when attempting to draft, although my on-screen rider sits up and drinks. I know you are working on this based on reading previous posts.

I realize you are also working on a calibration of trainer feature within Zwift. I just wanted to add my name of people who would appreciate this. I use Trainer Road, as many here do. Its just a habit that I do a spindown calibration before each TR session.

Zwift is an original, effective and fun product. Thanks again for the privilege of testing. The future is looking fantastic. The market for an ANT + steering device for the indoor cyclist is now on the radar. :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks for the excellent feedback, Eric!