Infrared Radiation

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Watopia route, especially around Volcano and it’s associated KOM. However, the journey through the lava tubes and around the flows, while scenic, seems to be a bit unrealistic. You would get burned to a crisp in a fairly short amount of time. Perhaps some incentives could be given here that could enhance the game.

Back in the old days, I played Duke Nukem quite a bit. There were areas in the map where if you got around electricity or heat, you would get deductions for health. Stay around long enough and you would die. How about for Zwift, you institute a time trial anytime you are in a lava tube or around/above a lava flow? The longer you go past the end of the time trial, then you are deducted experience points, or maybe you could put in a health penalty? On the other hand of you make it through time time period in time or earlier, then you could earn experience points.

What about the users doing Z1/Z2 rides or in the recovery part of a workout?

It would only work if you could opt in or out of thing like this. I’m not totally against it, but there needs to be a way for users to turn off/on little games like this.