Infinity in WKG

Can someone please tell me what 'infinity ’ means in race results. It is only on the one user. Who does not show weight or HR too.
Also could someone please explain why riders got DQ in a race for being B cats yet in the race I raced, B cats still remain and this infinity user. Same race organiser too.
I would appreciate anyone’s help on this. I can send photos of it too.

Infinity W/Kg means the rider hasn’t completed registration (ticked the Registration and Privacy Settings consent box).

Without seeing the specific event(s), the Cat B’s are either racing in lower cat (sandbagging), not wearing a hrm (some races require) or are going over w/kg limits (they are having a really good day). Sandbagging would be the norm unfortunately.

Flick through the zp event id(s) and I/we can be more specific

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There can be many reasons for this.

Rider DQ… the program does that automatically, the race organiser may check to see if there were any who should have not been DQ and checked the results for those not picked up.

Infinity Rider. The race organiser may have looked at previous results and if they are ok could have taken it as a genuine glitch or he may have contacted the rider and asked why.

There are riders with no HR who are genuine and may be put back in if that was a “one-off”. riders with genuine glitches who have had a lot of races and had issues in a certain race, there will always be a lot of considerations to take on board. A rider with missing stats who suddenly has a difference in performance should be investigated.

This is why only a few people actually organise races as the admin that goes with it normally runs into hours if not days.

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Hello hello! Been trying to get on top of this infinity/w/kg issue.

How can this be fixed (it only appears when the 95% of 20min is displayed)?

Can you provide a link to one of the Zwiftpower events Anna? (or ZP event ID)

Event 2490785.

Zwift doesn’t allow me to paste the link…

Try changing consent setting at the ZP registration screen (found under settings):

Also, I noted this waas for Ema in your team - I also dont get the “Infinity” bit when looking at her results …


Thank you - did that and waiting for the next event to see if it works OK for my teammate. Much appreciated!

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