Inertia bug in flat segment

Everytime my smart trainer fails to read the power for only 1s (yes, 1 second), my speed drops in a extremely unrealistic way, as you can see in the screenshot below… 1s with 0w power my speed drops about 5 km/h in a flat road (tempus fugit), and I weight 100 kg!!
Simply absurd, and happens all the time, I think it reduces the speed even faster than my breaks IRL.
I even stopped from participating in zwift events because of this, if my sensor fails to read for only 1s I already have to put a lot of extra effort

Some prints from a single 30 min. recovery ride

Hi @Rodrigo_Souza_BRT_D

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That section of road is on a 1% incline. I also assume you went out of the draft at the point so you had less draft.

I think the big question is why do you have dropouts. You can drop your log file into and look at the dropouts.

15 dropouts in 40 minutes.

Hi Gerrie, seems that I have a package loss in my ant+ device, I will try using bluetooth next time.

Do you know how package loss affects the ride?
It’s very weird because when my speed drops from the power dropout, it keeps decreasing for about 5s (and my power was 0w only for 1s) and the takes more 5s go to back to the previous speed (no draft before or after)
I don’t recall zwift having this behavior before, I don’t ride much but I’ve been in zwift for a longe time (was a beta tester)

The issue was the package loss, not sure how zwift handle it, but I changed the ant+ connection of my wahoo to FE-C and I solved the package loss issue, and that fixed the “breaking” when my power drops. Without the package loss I can stop pedaling for some seconds and I don’t lose that absurd amount of speed.

I’ve tried to pair using bluetooth but it seems that on this latest build of zwift my bluetooth stopped working, it works on other competidor apps and non cycling apps, just zwift that is not finding the sensors anymore… but this is a subject for another topic

Yes you should always use FE-C the C is for controllable.

At the risk of being a pedant it actually stands for control

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