Ineos Event PC Crash

I tried the join the Ineos Training Camp ride at 5pm today, but my PC crashed. Once it had restarted 5 minutes later I didn’t have the option to join the event. Is this how it always happens.

Also, how do I now get my Ineos socks?!

I’m afraid that the Ineos events don’t have late join enabled, like you would see on some group rides.

You would need to complete the event in order to receive the completion prize.

The Zwift program crashed on me 4 times when I was trying to join 3 separate Ineos events. I think it was the fact that I was changing worlds to join the events which was causing the problem. I completed the sessions as workouts rather than events. It’s really frustrating to now not get the in games socks.

Could you provide some details on your Zwift setup? This seems to be an isolated incident, so perhaps there is something in your setup that could be changed to prevent future issues.