indicate when there is a network problem

Been riding around all alone for a few days now. It’s probably either a router problem or a firewall problem on my laptop. After some googling it turns out UDP port 3022 is probably the issue…

Could there be a big red indicator for this problem on the right hand side of the screen (where nearby riders, apparently, normally are listed) so that people are aware of it. And a text or tooltip suggesting a check for UDP port 3022 and whatever else is required for Zwift to work correctly.

Or perhaps this could be checked during the ant/bluetooth pairing screen, with red or green lights for connection or good ping-time or another metric to the closest zwift server - including all ports working.

Even better - a measure of the quality of the connection to the Zwift servers - I’m pretty sure mine is poor but would like to know how bad it is - perhaps a real time percentage with 100 being good - and ability to toggle it on and off.

It isn’t real time, but if you post your log files to after the fact there is a network tab that shows you the network performance.  I do think it would make great sense for Zwift to have some sort of display on the pairing screen indicating any network issues and possibly the ping latency between the client and server.  Perhaps during the ride if that latency drops low showing something on screen might give some rationale for why the rider list goes empty.

Just to play devil’s advocate it might create more questions than answers.

Had a look at Zwiftaliser and while its interesting it didn’t shed any real light on issues I am having in group rides - its very hard after the fact to relate (say) delays to real time observations from an hour ago…

The complete dropouts are obvious (everyone else disappears) and are likely an issue with my personnel internet connection. Its the more subtle latency issues between me and the Zwift servers that real time measures might help with. Internet working OK but there are occasional delays in receiving detail of other rider positions. I am just guessing this is why I regularly and fairly quickly drift off the front or back of a group for no apparent reason (power is constant, no hill, no leader instruction, no obvious change in w/kg of other riders, etc)

So I am thinking that perhaps real time measures of things like delays (and even drafting performance) might give me some insight into what is happening and therefore an ability to react earlier.