Increasing resistance on flat and downhill for kickr

Hi, just started using zwift and wanted to post some feedback about increasing resistance in sim/event/race modes. I’m finding that on flats and downhill to get anywhere near a decent wattage level I have to use the big ring and small cassette. This means that my kickr is so noisy that the neighbours complain. It would be a great addition if there could be a setting to increase the resistance difficulty level across the board. So for example, the flats, downhill, and climbs could all be increased by a certain amount allowing me to stay in the small ring and greatly reduce noise of the kickr.

Hope that makes sense?

Note: I’m not refering to the training difficulty setting, which I believe only increases resistance going uphill.

I’m on an Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ and I have the same problem. Hope this helps me out tonight: