Increasing Power

(Matt Ross) #1

 I am doing interval training on the Wahoo Kicker (newest version) and using the swift training program. 

ON the intervals, it does not seem that the required wattage is high enough to get a good work out in.  I am using it in ERG mode.  Is there a way to increase the required wattage during interval work, to suffer more?


I took my FTP test ride a while back, i am not that fit and my ftp score was around 60 (maybe).


Any ideas

(Paul Allen) #2

If your use the Zwift Mobile Link you can increase and decrease your FTP bias at any time during the workout.

(Matt Ross) #3

thanks, i see i do that on the mobile app when not in the ERG mode, i can manually increase or decrease.  
Another question, unrelated, i use an i pad to ride, if i dont have a keyboard, how do i control the app.  The only time the keyobard appreas is if i want to write  note to the group.


For example, i cant change the view because i can not access the keyboard.



(Paul Allen) #4

Use the Zwift Mobile App on your phone, this solves a lot of issues.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #5

Additionally, it depends on the interval training - you don’t need to necessarily destroy yourself to get a good workout in.

I’d suggest reading Training and Racing with a Power Meter by Hunter Allen - it’s certainly helped me understand a lot more about training and it’s also helped me create my own workouts tailored to my fitness goals.