Increase trainer resistance

Right now, zwift offers the possibility to change my trainer’s resistance based on road gradient. It would be a great addition if on top of that, I could increase (or decrease) my trainer’s resistance by a certain constant.

I can only communicate with my trainer through Zwift and I find that the resistance on the trainer is usually too low. Especially during the workouts I’m almost constantly on the heaviest gear of my bike.

By doing so, it would for instance feel like I’m going +1% uphill while I’m on flats. It would be ideal if you can change this setting on your phone, just like the traditional trainers that have a manual speed adjuster.


In the settings there is a trainer resistance slider that works if you have a smart trainer to regulate how strongly Zwift simulates the gradients.  Your calculated speed is still based off of the power you produce so it doesn’t change the amount of work required.  One way of looking at it is that with higher resistance you end up shifting more to find the right gear for the terrain but with lower resistance you spin along in a fairly consistent gear.

I know. I’m at the maximum there. What I’m suggesting is a second bar that makes your trainer heavier at both downhill and uphill.

So let’s say the current bar let’s you change from an easy setting (150Wdownhill - 250W uphill) to a more pronounced setting (50W downhill - 350W uphill). What I’m suggesting is to move the entire curve up by say 100W -> 150W downhill - 450W uphill.

This has the advantage that a) I don’t have to cycle on my heaviest gear all the time, b) Everyone can use the full resistance range of their trainer and isn’t forced to let their trainer work at a high rotational speed, which reduces noise.


Yes, I would really appreciate this. In races on my Tacx Vortex, I can’t stay with the hard sprints if it’s on the flat because I just spin out.  This is because the trainer is providing little or no resistance unless it’s on a climb.

At the same time, the trainer is making an awful noise all the time because it’s spinning so fast.

When I use ERG mode for intervals, I can just put the bike on the small ring and reduce the noise hugely and the trainer will provide plenty of resistance. It’s frustrating that in a race, it refuses to do so.

Just being about to add a constant 2% effective gradient would solve the problem.

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I would love for this to be added too.  I feel like I need bigger chain rings just for Zwift.  In order to get my power to 80% of my ftp, I’m spinning 115 RPM in my biggest gear.



Yes, I have the same issue. I often have spin in the highest gear on my bike to get to a power level I need. As my ftp improves I foresee running out of gears. The trainer makes a loud wine which is probably wearing out the elastomer coating on the roller faster. In my top gear on the road I’m moving at over 50 km/hr. I’m using an Elite Qubo Smart B+ trainer. As one of the posters has suggested there should be a way throttle up the resistance on the trainer so one can use lower gears to produce the same amount of power.

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Interesting that this option still doesn’t exist. I used the same Qubo trainer.

I ended up frying the trainer’s printboard with the charger, getting a full refund and back to cycling outdoors.

I too am using the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+.  I got this trainer because it worked with applications like Zwift.  My FTP is about 250 watts.  To stay over 200w, I’m spinning out in 50-11 (my biggest gear).  Very frustrating.  Now I use my garmin with my trainer and only use my powermeter to connect to zwift.  I should’ve just gotten a dumb trainer.  Zwift isn’t really using the utility of the smart trainer for me.

Agree, this would be a good feature will enhance the ability to enjoy zwift gradients with low noise level from the trainer.

please implement a simple increase/decrease feature for the resistance in normal zwift simulator mode 


I agree with this, ERG mode works fine in workouts but in free ride the resistance is much too easy when on the flat/low gradients/downhill.  We need the ability to add a flat number of watts to the trainer across all terrains

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Ditto.   I’d like the up/down power control…like the option in group workouts, but expanded to work for any ride… very handy to have ability to tweak resistance on the fly.

Until this feature is added I am resigned to using my trainer in erg mode avoiding free rides altogether. Another thought I had was the idea of digital or virtual gears.


Something like the trainer difficulty slider but to increase the total trainer resistance over the whole range. If i’m in my 55/11 I can only generate ±600w on a flat. But in workout mode I can go past 1000w.

Even if it is just a multiplication factor that we can edit in the Prefs file.


I think this is an older Elite trainer problem.




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