Increase in FTP changing from wheelon to direct drive


So I was using and old Elite supercrono fluid wheelon for 4 months. My FTP test gave me 177.
I’m a big lad, 113kg, and I recently got a Kickr core. After a climb on mountain 8, my ftp changed to 208.
This was my first go on the kickr, after doing the spindown calibration etc…

Is that normal or was the zpower for the elite just way off?

zPower estimate is very rough. Some people will increase and some decrease when going to a quality smart trainer or power meter.

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Hey, you should maybe take a ramp test and you will see.
My FTP also went up from a Snap to a Kickr

The same here. From Bkool to Tacx Neo. From 205 to 242.

Or just start a workout and see how

thanks all, seem that the new trainer is just more accurate. Nice to know.
Now to rest a day and do a FTP test to get it more accurate.